With various restaurants and entertainment venues, malls have completely gained people’s attention in terms of fun and leisure. With thousands of people visiting each day, maintaining an optimum level of cleanliness in shopping centres is necessary. 

At IPM, we provide premium shopping centre cleaning services in Singapore. We ensure that all our clients’ facilities stay spotless around-the-clock, promoting an appealing, healthy and lively shopping experience. With more than 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we understand that the needs and objectives often vary from one client to another. With this, we offer customised cleaning and janitorial services tailored to each client’s business. 

Powered by Ride On/Or Robotic Auto Scrubber, we achieved higher productivity in floor scrubbing cleaning solution. The equipment has low operating noise which is suitable for busy and crowded shopping malls. We are also equipped with a Smart Toilet Management System that offers a full range of necessary sensors helping our clients save time and manpower.

  • Toilet cleaning and sanitisation
  • Supply of toiletries
  • Cleaning of all public and outdoor areas
  • Scrubbing of floor surfaces
  • Clearing public waste bins and changing bin liners
  • Cleaning escalators, railings, glass panels etc
  • Spot cleaning
  • Other customized services

Additional service areas:

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