Cleaning industrial spaces such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or workshops is not a walk in the park. Getting the job done thoroughly and efficiently requires good planning, the use of specialised equipment and the proper know-how which can only be gained through experience and training. 

Unlike residential and commercial facilities, most industrial sites often come with huge production areas, large-scale storages as well as machines and vehicles. Thus, it’s very much a peripheral task you may want to be managed reliably by well-trained professionals. 

IPM offers premium industrial cleaning services in Singapore. Equipped with skilled and certified in-house cleaners, advanced cleaning equipment and top-quality cleaning products, we ensure customised and robust industrial cleaning solutions that suit the needs of each site.

  • General cleaning of all public and outdoor areas
  • Cleaning of staff canteen (if applicable)
  • Cleaning staircases and railings
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning and sanitisation
  • Supply of toiletries
  • Clearing public waste bins and changing bin liners
  • Recycling and waste management services
  • Other customised services

Additional service areas:

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