At Integrated Property Management, Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment to operating with honesty, integrity and transparency combined with an integrated approach to environmental, health and safety, equal opportunity, employee and community issues.

We are dedicated to providing environmentally sensitive service to minimize our carbon footprints thereby avoiding any type of damage to the environment through the reduction in the use of our chemical cleaning products, proper disposal of waste and the use of recyclable products wherever possible.

As a leader in the cleaning industry, we will measure ourselves against our competitors by seeking awards and accreditation for our green initiatives. Our reputation is one of our key assets and adhering to the highest standards of integrity, personal conduct, ethics and fairness are of paramount importance in order to ensure our viability.


We also pride ourselves on continuously upgrading the skills and knowledge of our staff. Training sessions are provided to equip our team with the skills and tools to execute on their work. Cleaning personnel understand and meet industry standards.

Our human resource policies, programmes and practices are aligned with our core value of people, which requires us to treat one another fairly and with respect. We are committed to developing our employees, putting in place policies and programmes to help them realise their full potential.

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