At IPM, we ensure the use of comprehensive techniques for office building cleaning. We take office building cleaning seriously, as we believe that first impressions count — from the moment the client arrives at your building until the moment they leave. We maintain a reputation for quality service and a record of excellent office building cleaning services backed by industry-leading certifications and accreditations. We consistently challenge the status quo to withstand the fast-growing and ever-challenging needs in the cleaning industry, providing a level of service that is above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

  • Sweeping and cleaning floor surfaces
  • Cleaning staircases and railings
  • Clearing waste bins and changing of bin liners in public areas
  • Removing dirt, dust and fingerprints on glass door and panels 
  • Cleaning façade of the building if applicable
  • Checking and removing cobweb 
  • Cleaning outdoor areas such as car park and surrounding compound
  • Clearing small drains around the outdoor areas if applicable
  • Sanitising toilets and replenishing toiletries if applicable
  • Vacuuming corridor carpet flooring if applicable 
  • Providing customised services if needed

Additional service areas:

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