Pristine and tidy residential space is not just about promoting cleanliness, it’s more about creating a happy and healthy living environment. Surely, residents will enjoy fun activities using clean and well-maintained residential facilities. 

Dedicated to doing our part in the clean-and-green movement, our team of professional cleaners in Singapore use a wide range of top quality cleaning products

For many years, we have worked with residential property management, ensuring flexible and customised condo cleaning services to support our clients. We pride ourselves in being unique, encouraging our residential cleaning professionals to look outside the box and go the extra mile when it comes to meeting the client’s needs and expectations.

Home Cleaning Services

Sweep/vacuum and mop floor

Clean exterior of hard furniture and vacuum/dust upholstered furniture

Clean all bathrooms including floor, wall, basin, toilet bowl, fittings, mirror and mop floor

Clean kitchen area including floor, wall, sink, countertop & wipe exterior surface of cabinet, stove & electrical appliances.

General tidying/dusting of all rooms

Empty trash

Clean window and grilles
- Interior and up to human height only

– For 4-hour service only on twice or more a week cleaning
– Maximum 10 pieces per 4-hour session
– Bed linen and curtain not included

Price Schedule for Regular Home Cleaning Services

Studio Apartment (~ 500 sq ft to 700 sq ft)

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Condo 2 Bedroom (~ 700 sq ft to 900 sq ft)

Estimated Time: 3 hours

Condo 3 Bedroom (~ 900 sq ft to 1,200 sq ft)

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Condo 4 Bedroom (~ 1,200 sq ft to 1,600 sq ft)

Estimated Time: 4 hours

Terms & Conditions

Cleaning supplies and tools to be provided by house owners.

Additional charge of $25/session of cleaning on Sunday & Public Holiday.

Looking for regular home cleaning services?

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